Vacancy policy

Solent Graduate Jobs (SGJ) is a Solent University (SSU) initiative. It offers a free service for businesses, recruitment agencies and voluntary organisations wanting to advertise their opportunities to Solent University students and graduates on this website 

We adhere to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services’ Equal Opportunities Policy and Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment ( 

Before you complete your registration and start advertising your opportunities please read the following terms and conditions. 


Registering your business with SGJ

If your business is not yet registered with SGJ then you will need to register before you can advertise an opportunity. 

We will endeavour to authorise your organisation within two working days of receipt of registration application.  Once registered, your business and logo will appear on our recruiter directory for which all users can access. You can then start advertising opportunities on our searchable online database. 

SGJ allows you to access the recruiter site on the basis that: 
a) You are bona fide recruiter, being either an employer or a recruitment agent acting for a recruiter. 
b) Your password is personal to you and may not be used by any third party to access any of the services or otherwise shared with or disclosed to any third party. If you become aware that any third party has access to your password, you will immediately notify SGJ and SGJ shall provide you with a new password as soon as reasonably practicable. You shall at all times ensure that your password is safe and secure; 
c) You will not do anything which would assist anyone who is not a registered user of SGJ to gain access to or misuse it; 
d) You do not maliciously create additional accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the Website or the candidates who have signed up to the website, or other users nor do you seek to pass yourself off as another user; 
e) On the basis that you handle all CVs and other candidate personal information in accordance with the terms of our candidate privacy policy.

If, for any reason, we believe that you have not complied with these Terms or are abusing the Services in any way, SGJ may, at its discretion, cancel, suspend or otherwise restrict your access to the services immediately and without giving you any advance notice. 


International students and graduates. 

Solent University holds a Tier 4 sponsor licence to recruit international students who require a Visa in order to study or work in the UK.   


Most Students will be on a Tier 4 Visa. It is a condition of their Visa is that if they are studying for a degree level qualification (NQF6 or above) they are restricted to working 20 hours per week in term time, across all employment they undertake.   

It is a criminal offence for students to breach their visa conditions, and anyone found doing so by UK Visas and Immigration is likely to have their permission to stay in the UK curtailed . Employers are expected to carry out ‘Right to Work Checks’ in accordance with UKVI Guidance and keep records that they have done so. Employers who allow students to work in breach of their visa conditions may themselves be subject to a Civil Penalty.   

It is therefore essential that if you recruit a student or a graduate who has limited leave to stay in the UK you comply with these regulations, as issued by the Home Office. For full details about Tier 4 Visa working requirements please see ‘Can I work whilst in the UK’ point 266 – 273 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance document.   

A Tier 4 student’s current immigration permission (visa or Biometric Residence Permit) will contain the sponsor number of the institution where they are, or have most recently been studying and should also state their work conditions.    


International Graduates will normally require either a Tier 1 Visa (Graduate Entrepreneur) or a Tier 2 (General) Visa which allows them to work in the UK.   

Both these Visas come with restrictions, please check the relevant guidance available on the website:   

Tier 1 overview    

Tier 2 overview.   

In order to employ an international graduate who will require a Tier 2 (General) Visa you will need to hold a Tier 2 licence from UKVI to recruit skilled workers from outside the Resident Labour Market (currently UK/EEA Nationals). You will need to issue the international graduate with a Certificate of Sponsorship to allow them to apply for their visa. Please read the guidance on becoming a Tier 2 Sponsor if you are considering employing an international student and do not already hold a sponsorship license.   

Students on degree–level courses of 12 months or more are normally granted Tier 4 immigration permission valid for a maximum of 4 months past the end date of their course. Once their studies are completed they are expected to either make a fresh immigration application before their existing leave expires if they qualify to do so, or leave the UK. Once a student graduates they are no longer the responsibility of Solent University, and if they are sponsored by an employer in the UK after this date the employer is solely responsible for their sponsorship and ensuring compliance with the conditions of their Visa.  


Advertising opportunities with SGJ

1. Once the vacancy has been approved it will then be advertised, students and graduates will apply to you directly via the site and you must contact applicants directly to arrange interviews and inform candidates of the result of an application. SGJ does not offer a placing service and does not guarantee responses to adverts. 

2. If possible, all vacancies should have a definite closing date. If no closing date is provided we will assign a period of one month from the date of posting to the website. Vacancies can be re advertised after this period if you log in to your account and extend the advert date (pending approval).  

3. Please note, often some job opportunities are also promoted through widgets on our virtual learning environment, through social media and via our internal Portal. 

4. It is the business’s responsibility to advise students/graduates on relevant insurance, tax and NI issues, as SGJ only advertises vacancies and does not screen candidates for, or advise on, individual vacancies. 

5. Except as expressly permitted under these terms you will not sell, sub-licence, sub-contract or rent or any information you receive under the services in respect of a candidate on the SGJ candidate database to a third party provided that advertising agencies or media buyers for recruiters may sell, sub-licence, sub-contract or rent the information they receive under the Services to the specific recruiters who have engaged them; 

6. You will not create a marketing list (other than for jobs) for either your own use or to sell on to a third party using any information you receive under the services in respect of a candidate; 

7. Your use of the services will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of SGJ, the website or any other recruiters who use the website; 
8. You will keep all candidates' personal information confidential. 

9. Please note that we do not advertise any organisations that provide essay, dissertation or coursework writing services. 

10. Opportunities we advertise: 

  • Graduate level vacancies with an immediate or future start date (full and or part-time). 
  • Paid graduate level work experience. 
  • Placement schemes e.g. holiday placements and industrial year - long placements. 
  • Work experience opportunities. 
  • Voluntary work with charities and not-for-profits that could be considered ‘graduate level’ for example where they can use their skills and gain valuable work experience. 

11. We do not handle any vacancies that, to our knowledge: 

  • Are commission-only based. 
  • Request bank details or financial information from jobseekers responding to an Advertisement. 
  • Do not comply with the National Minimum Wage (for paid work) or any other aspect of employment or equal opportunities law. 
  • Are unpaid, unless they are for charities or not-for-profits and are therefore viewed as volunteering or are linked to a core placement for one of our courses. 
  • Discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation or any other equal opportunities legislation. 
  • Involve students undertaking academic work for other students. 
  • Promote or involve illegal or immoral activities. 
  • Represent an undue health and/or safety risk to the applicants. 
  • Are connected to the adult/sex industry. 
  • Have misleading, incomplete or inaccurate job descriptions. 
  • Are based in private residences. 
  • Are submitted by businesses who do not have a registered company name and address. 

12. If your company requires photos with completed applications or CVs please consider what purpose they serve and whether their use is objectively justifiable. If their use cannot be justified, your organisation could be liable for employment discrimination claims. 

13. We reserve the right to both edit opportunities to fit into our database format and reject those that contravene Solent Graduate Jobs policy, Equal Opportunities legislation and/or the National Minimum Wage.  We can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies made when inputting data, however please do not hesitate to contact the SGJ team if you notice any information that needs amending. 

14. Candidates are solely responsible for the content of the CVs that they submit to SGJ. We accept no responsibility for the content of candidate CVs including without limitation any error, omission or inaccuracy. 

15. SGJ does not carry out checks to verify candidates on the site are Solent University students and graduates, that they have their degree or any employment checks, it is down to the recruiter to run the usual employment checks. 

16. In respect of CVs provided to you under the Services, you hereby warrant, represent and undertake to SGJ that you will not keep candidates' CVs on your database for longer than is necessary for your recruitment purposes; and delete a candidate's CV from your database if they request you to delete it, within a reasonable time following such request. 

Recruitment agencies

17. We are happy for recruitment agencies to advertise specific vacancies on the website; however we do not post generic advertisements for students or graduates to register with an agency. Recruitment agencies may advertise a vacancy to fill at their own company on the website. 

18.If you are advertising a vacancy on behalf of another employer, the SGJ team must be notified of their details including company name and address. We cannot advertise the vacancy until this information is received. Please be advised that this information will be held in strict confidence by SGJ and will not be disclosed on the advert or to any third parties. 



19.The business should be aware when recruiting a student currently studying of students’ study obligations (except during vacations) and should bear these in mind when negotiating hours for term-time work with students. 

20. We accept no responsibility for the arrangements between the business and the employee. SGJ does not accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered by employers arising from, or in any way connected with, the introduction to the business of any employee. 

21. SGJ does not accept any liability for loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by an employer or advertiser where access to the website is suspended or lost through circumstances beyond the control of SGJ. 

22. All advertisements submitted by you for publication online will be free of any viruses (meaning any computer code, programming instruction or set of instructions that is intentionally and specifically constructed with the ability to damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely affect computer programs, data files or hardware) and no Advertisement shall cause any adverse effect in the operation of the Websites such that the whole or part of such sites shall be wholly or partially unavailable to users; 

23. You will not send directly or indirectly, a cookie (meaning a packet or piece of data or other information sent by a web server to a client device, to be stored on that client device and which is sent back to that web server each time the client device makes additional requests from that web server) to the device of any user of the Website irrespective of whether any such device has been enabled by such user to receive cookies; 

24. The placement of an advert with SGJ shall be regarded as acceptance of this vacancy policy. 

This policy may be amended from time to time, please ensure you review it regularly. 

Updated: 04/05/18